Timiun — Shop More Pay Less

Recently, I discovered a super amazing shopping app, Timiun, through a friend. With this article, I’ll be sharing my experience.

What is Timiun?

Timiun is a socialized, gamified, innovative, and entertaining shopping app that allows people to shop for their products of interest. On Timiun, you can shop for products at a 99% discount 😯 and meet new friends of the same interest as you. There are three main shopping sections on the app;

  • Time Market: Just as the name implies “Time Market”, is a gamified part of Timiun that allows buyers to purchase products placed on a timer at 99% discount.

What I love most about Timiun

One interesting feature of Timiun over other shopping apps is how it has simplified online shopping with lots of fun and perks attached. Some of these unique features include;

  • Upxit Coins: This is a flexible currency used to shop products at 99% discount on the Time Market. It can also be used for other Timiun transactions and can be transferred from one user wallet to another.

Still not convinced? Go on and try it out yourself.

Getting started with Timiun

  1. Download Timiun App from the Google Play store here or the Apple store.

Note: This only applies to the Time Market as other shopping sections don’t require a countdown timer.

7. Click on the checkout button to claim your product, enter your phone number and the shipping address.

8. As simple as that, your product is delivered within 5 working days irrespective of your location.

In summary, I’ll describe Timiun as Online shopping at its best. I already downloaded the app and stacking up coins to purchase my desired product.

You too can get started today!!!

For more info, check out the Timiun blog and Website. Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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